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I wrote about an emacs foot-pedal about 20 years ago on usenet #8

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(This is not a bug BTW -- is there a comment section on github, or do you fork
the project and modify the README?)


Thats super cool Eric!
Although Alevchuk is still IMHO the inventor of the VIM Clutch, you surely are the inventor of the 'emacs clutch'.
For the sake of argument, the inventor of a 'pedal to aid in programming' probably is someone much earlier, like when they were making punch cards or even weaving patterns into cloth.


Well, I never invented it. Just requested something that I thought there was an obvious need for. There was also prior art at the time -- the early 80s TRS-80s had some kind of foot pedal mechanism for starting the thing (not that I could understand why).

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