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Commit time Spec 2.0 (for Additional Stats)

Damage with target, including headshot and airshot

[[attacker]] triggered "damage" against [[victim]] (damage "0") (realdamage "0") (weapon "shotgun_soldier") (healing "15") (crit "crit|mini") (airshot "1") (headshot "1")

Notice that realdamage, healing, crit, headshot and airshot are not always present.

When realdamage is missing, then damage = realdamage

crit can take the values: crit, mini

Charge with medigun type

[[player]] triggered "chargedeployed" (medigun "medigun|kritzkrieg|quickfix|vaccinator|unknown")

medigun can take the values: medigun, kritzkrieg, quickfix, vaccinator, unknown

Medkit pickup with real healing amount

[[player]] picked up item "medkit_x" (healing "0")

Medic stats

These log lines are already implemented in the MedicStats plugin:

[[player]] triggered "first_heal_after_spawn" (time "3.4")

Is triggered when the medic heals for the first time after spawning. It is not triggered at the beginning of the round.

[[player]] triggered "chargeready"

Is triggered when the medic has 100% charge.

[[player]] triggered "medic_death_ex" (uberpct "98")

Is triggered when the medic dies. Note that the normal medic_death is still triggered.

[[player]] triggered "empty_uber"

Is triggered when the medic spawns, and also after the medic's charge has been used and is at 0%. Can be used to calculate the time it takes to build uber (the time between empty_uber and chargeready).

[[player]] triggered "chargeended" (duration "%.1f")

Is triggered when the medic's charge has ended (went from 100% to 0%). It is not triggered if the medic is killed while using uber. The duration indicates how long the uber lasted.

[[player]] triggered "lost_uber_advantage" (time "12")

Is triggered when the medic had an uber advantage of at least 10 seconds. The time parameter tells how much of an advantage they had.

Note: I am planning on adding medigun property to all of the above

The ones below are not finalized yet:

Weapon stats

[[player]] triggered "weaponstats" (weapon "weapon") (shots "0") (hits "0") (kills "0") (damage "0")

Timing for dumping these stats is implementation-specific.

Old SuperLogs implementation of weaponstats

About stats log format






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