A minimal Haskell web-framework based on the WAI web server interface.


Simple is "framework-less" web framework for Haskell web applications using the WAI server interface (e.g. for use with the warp server). Unlike other frameworks, Simple does not enforce a particular structure or paradigm for web applications. Rather, Simple makes it easier for you, the developer, to use whichever paradigm or structure you like. This package includes:

  • Web application building blocks under Web.Simple

  • A Sintra inspired DSL - Web.Frank

  • A Monad for building RESTful controllers - Web.REST

To get started using the warp web server:

$ cabal install simple warp


import Web.Simple
import Network.Wai.Handler.Warp

main :: IO ()
main = runSettings defaultSettings $ mkRouter $
        okHtml "Hello World"


$ runghc -XOverloadedStrings helloworld.hs@

See Web.Simple for a more detailed introduction.

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