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tikzgamemap: Maps for interactive fiction with TikZ

While interactive fiction can come in many different varieties, there is a class of works that follows the tradition established by [Colossal Cave] Adventure and Infocom games such as Zork. Players typically move between areas or rooms using the eight cardinal and primary intercardinal points of the compass, as well as up, down, in and out. This package provides some shortcut methods for mapping out such game spaces using the graph-drawing facilities of TikZ.



To compile the documentation you will need to have the minted package working, which in turn relies on Python 2.6+ and Pygments. See the documentation of that package for details.

Note that the zip file on the Releases page on GitHub contains all the files you need, pre-compiled.

Automated way

Running "make" generates the derived files tgm1.pdf and tgm1.sty. Running "make inst" installs the files in the user's TeX tree. Running "make install" installs the files in the local TeX tree.

A makefile is provided which you can use with the Make utility:

  • Running make source just generates the package file.
  • Running make generates the class file and documentation.
  • Running make inst generates and installs the files to your home TeX tree. (To undo, run make uninst.)
  • Running make install generates and installs the files to the local TeX tree. (To undo, run make uninstall.)
  • Running make clean removes auxiliary files from the working directory.
  • Running make distclean removes the generated from the working directory files as well.

Manual way

To install the class from scratch, follow these instructions. If you have downloaded the zip file from the [Releases] page on GitHub, you can skip the first two steps.

  1. Run tex tikzgamemap.dtx to generate the package file. (You can safely skip this step if you are confident about step 2.)

  2. Compile tikzgamemap.dtx with your favourite version of LaTeX with shell escape enabled (as required by minted for typesetting the listings). You will also need to run it through makeindex. This will generate the main documentation (DVI or PDF).

  3. To install the files, create the following folders in your chosen TeX tree and copy the files across as shown (read .pdf as .dvi if that is what you generated):

    • source/latex/tikzgamemap: tikzgamemap.dtx (tikzgamemap.ins)
    • tex/latex/tikzgamemap: tgm1.sty
    • doc/latex/tikzgamemap: tikzgamemap.pdf
  4. You may then have to update your installation's file name database before TeX and friends can see the files.


This work may be distributed and/or modified under the conditions of the LaTeX Project Public License (LPPL), either version 1.3c of this license or (at your option) any later version. The latest version of this license is in the file:

This work is "maintained" (as per LPPL maintenance status) by Alex Ball.

This work consists of the files tikzgamemap.dtx, and a Makefile.


Maps for interactive fiction with TikZ






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