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fast Hacks

This project started out as a library of my notes, what I was currently learning, and what I wanted to learn. Now it has grown into a very useful tool as you can see below the things I am working on. Please note that many of these features are not fully implemented. I would love them to all work, but have little time to commit to this project, so if you want to help let me know!

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When you found out this actually existed.

Current Ideas/Commands/Features

Idea/Command/Feature Description Status
fh if no arguments are passed, shows a list maybe of what all fasthacks does Not Started
ls Colored ls! Woohoo! Alt text Done
py Amazing python REPL with autosuggestions, syntax highlighting, etc. Alt text Done
t or task todo app Not Started
pathm tool for helping you manage your machines $PATH. Things often get lost, out of order, and it can be confusing to keep track of it all. This will have a json file with all the paths in it call paths.json. Not Started
up an awesome update tool that will update all packages if no argument is specified. If a program/plugin/app is updated, it will update them reguardless of package manager In Progress (sorta)
help universal help tool. (ex: help ruby, etc.) (may not be necessary) Not Started
il install location - shows all the locations an app, program, etc. is installed on your computer. (i.e. checks to see if vim is installed aditionally by homebrew or elsewhere.) Can help solve dependency issues quicker. Not Started
use switch between versions of anything (ex: use ruby 2.1, use nodejs 3.7, etc.) Not Started
theme switch between themes for everything in your terminal or specific programs. Not Started
details Similar to doing which cmd where cmd is a function or alias you have in your .bashrc or elsewhere.
$ details up
Description: Updates everything if no argumetns passed or updates the specified program.
Example: up vim
Location: .bashrc on line 21
Path: ~/.bashrc
It's not complete, but here's where we're at currently. Alt text
Started, but not even close
edit quickly edit your functions and aliases for your dotfiles. Not Started
cat Coloredcatoutput! The goal is for syntax highlighting! Alt text Not Production Quality
less Coloredlessoutput! The goal is for syntax highlighting! Not Production Quality
man Coloredmanpages! The goal is for syntax highlighting! Alt text Done
top Coloredtop! It uses a program calledhtopto do this currently with an alias in the.bashrc. Alt text Done
ssh Setup default servers you go to the most so all you have to do is typesshand boom presto shazam. Done, needs reviews
pvorpreview Colored preview of file. It also allows you to lookup what an alias or command does. Alt text Not Production Quality
olss Open last screen shot Alt text Done
path Will probably eventually be replaced bypathm, but shows the $PATH in a prettier format. Should Be Good
src Quick sourcing. No moresource ~/.bashrcetc, etc. Just typesrcand it'll take care of the rest for you! You may also pass a path to itsrc ~/.bashrc. Needs Review
uporupdate Allows anything to be updated with just one command. Started
unoruninstall Uninstalls the specified applications. Started
resymlink You put all the absolute paths to your dotfiles with names, etc. into thissymlinks.jsonfile. If something ever goes wrong, just type resymlink! Started
checksyms Checks to see which symlinks are broken. Alt text Started
clrsorcolors Spits out colors and codes. Used when making bash scripts and you want to colorize output. Alt text Done
chide Hides the specified app from thecommand + tabwindow. Works on Mavericks, but trouble on Yosemite. Can cause some apps to crash.
cshow Unhides hidden application from thecommand + tabwindow. Works on Mavericks, but trouble on Yosemite
show Shows all your hidden dot files. Done
hide Re-hides all your hidden dot files. Done
most Displays a list of your most used commands. Alt text Done
zsh-syntax-highlighting Colors your command green if it's valid and red if it won't work. Alt text Done
hhorctrl + r Better command history searching. It uses a program calledhstr. Alt text Done
ag Pagination for the silver searcher. If the results of what you searched for are longer than the screen of your console, it will paginate it. Pressq to quit pagination. Alt text Done
alias tips When you type a command where you already have an alias for it, it will display that below your prompt. Alt text Done
fast Internet speed! alt text Done
cmatrix Pretty much just cool. alt text Done
touch Better touch! You can create directories and sub directories with a file. alt text Done
gcl Awesome git clone! Auto cds you into the repo and if there's a package.json, it will install all the node_modules and if it's a python repo and there's a requirements.txt it will install all the python dependencies! It also accepts syntax like this: gcl alex-cory/fasthacks aka gcl user_or_org/repo_name! Warning: If you use oh-my-zsh and have the git aliases enabled, you need to go to ~/.oh-my-zsh/plugins/git/git.plugin.zsh and comment out line 69 (which is aliased to gcl). Done



  • ToDo


Task (Taskwarior)


  • It's an amazing todo program for the console.


Great Taskwarior Extensions

  • taskopen: Script for taking notes and open urls with taskwarrior.

  • tasknc: A collection of ways to alert me/bring attention to my task list because I'm easily distracted and need help focusing.

  • taskwarrior-time-tracking-hook: A simple Taskwarrior hook allowing one to track total time spent on a task.

  • taskwarrior-web: Web interface