Syntax based indentation for SQL files inside GNU Emacs
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Syntax based indentation for SQL files for GNU Emacs

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sql-indent.el is a GNU Emacs minor mode which adds support for syntax-based indentation when editing SQL code: TAB indents the current line based on the syntax of the SQL code on previous lines. This works like the indentation for C and C++ code.

The package also defines align rules so that the align function works for SQL statements, see sqlind-align-rules for which rules are defined. This can be used to align multiple lines around equal signs or "as" statements, like this.

sqlind-minor-mode together with the align rules can assist in writing tidy SQL code or formatting existing SQL code. The indentation rules are customizable and they can be adapted to match your coding style.

See the manual for more details.


You can install a released version of this package from GNU ELPA, by running the following commands in Emacs:

M-x package-install RET sql-indent RET

To install sql-indent from this repository, open the file sql-indent.el in Emacs and type:

M-x package-install-from-buffer RET

The syntax-based indentation of SQL code can be turned ON/OFF at any time by enabling or disabling sqlind-minor-mode:

M-x sqlind-minor-mode RET

To enable syntax-based indentation for every SQL buffer, you can add sqlind-minor-mode to sql-mode-hook. First, bring up the customization buffer using the command:

M-x customize-variable RET sql-mode-hook RET

Than, click on the "INS" button to add a new entry and put "sqlind-minor-mode" in the text field.