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+This is study program just to work out how works icmp-protocol.
+It is working ping program with some features:
+ 1) IP RECORD_ROUTE option.
+ 2) Different command-line args("./ping --help" for more info, or you can read it below)
+This program contains few fragments from ping.c fron iputils package.
+They are:
+ 1) in_cksum function to calculate ip and icmp checksum
+ 2) "Some magic" to get source ip addr
+Usage: ping [-c num] [-w time] [-q] [-D time]
+ [-h] [-R] [-t] -d target
+Description of command-line args:
+ 1) -c num --count num -- Send $num probes
+ 2) -w time --time-to-wait time -- How long we should wait after all probes sent to mark packet as losted. (It wait for a single echo_reply packet for $time in milliseconds, if $time expired it decides, that all packets with no echo_reply are lost, if even one echo_reply received, timeout restores and it wait for $time milliseconds again)
+ 3) -q --quit -- Don't produce any messages, except first line with "PING: target" and final statistics.
+ 4) -D time --delay time -- How long we should wait before sending next probe in milliseconds
+ 5) -h --help -- Shows short help about usage and command-line args
+ 6) -R --record_route -- Tells "ping" to add IP RECORD_ROUTE option in the IP header. (Note that only 9 ip's can be stored in the header)
+ 7) -t num --ttl num -- Sets ttl to $num
+ 8) -d target --destination target -- Set target to ping. This arg is required!
+If you've found any bug, please send me bug-report, which contains:
+ 1) Your name/nick
+ 2) Command line args to ping, which caused a bug
+ 3) Expected result
+ 4) Actual result
+My e-mail to report bugs:
+I'll contact anyone, who've found any bugs and include them as "Bug hunters" in this README :)
+ Alexey Titov <>
+Bug hunters:
+ No bugs found yet by other people.

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