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You can find here how to install the new recovery.

Placing new boot image

  • boot/ - folder: the images are there

To install a new boot into its proper place, i.e. boot partition, you download from the boot/ folder here to some place on your pc:

  • (adbb.bat for windows)
  • build.prop
  • one of the the .bin images. IMPORTANT: whatever image you download you must save it under the name kas.boot.bin locally on your pc.

In linux check that has 755 permissions. To be sure simply issue from inside the directory where you have downloaded the files

chmod 755

Your phone must be booted normally. The adb daemon must be started on your pc. To be sure in the latter issue, for instance

sudo adb devices
(adb start-server [for windows])

The microsd-card must be in the phone.

Run on your pc (you should be inside the directory where you downloaded the files)

(adbr.bat [for windows])

To copy files to a proper location on your sdcard (folder named brnects0.715).

The new recovery must be installed!

Now restart your phone into recovery typing on your pc

adb reboot recovery

Wait at least the 'NEC' logo. After the 'NEC' logo this recovery shows NOTHING. Now go into shell

adb shell

and do inside the shell

cd /rbin

It will copy the current boot image to sdcard as brnects0.715/boot.current.bin and flash kas.boot.bin into place. On top of this it places build.prop file found in brnects0.715/ on sdcard into /system. Now exit the shell


to come back to your pc and reboot the phone

adb reboot


You should proceed here for the next exercise: repartitioning.