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You can find here what are the mandatory pre-requisits for the exploit.

New recovery

What is new?

To understand what is new let's say what was old. The stock configuration of NEC Terrain comes with the ability to boot into the recovery mode. One of the purpose is to perform the factory reset. To be more specific let's explain. There are five partitions of the internal memory whihc you 'feel' working with this phone:

  • system - where all the system pre-insatlled programs are
  • userdata - where all the user insatlled programs go
  • GROW - where all user files like photos and video go
  • boot - image for the normal boot
  • recovery - image for the recovery boot

factory reset means formatting userdata to ext4 and GROW to vfat using the stock recovery binary inside the recovery partition. All other partitions are considered immutable. It means that if you achieve eventually root access and then mess up, say, system which is whatever inside the directory /system, you are in stuck. Stock recovery will not repair this.

Thus the wish is to implement a fully independent and fully functional recovery. Such that it would be capable to restore whatever in the system. This is also essential to repartition your system. You want this as originally you have almost no space for your programs (800MiB in userdata) and more than 4GiB just for photos, video, etc (in GROW).

Installing new recovery

  • recovery/ - folder: the proper recovery image is there

To install new recovery into its proper place, i.e. recovery partition, You download from the recovery/ folder here into one folder on your pc:

  • (adbr.bat for windows)
  • run_root_shell
  • sgdisk
  • one of the .bin images. IMPORTANT: whatever image you download you must save it under the name kas.boot.bin locally on your pc

In linux check that script has permissions 755. To be sure just issue on your pc inside the directory where all the stuff has been saved

chmod 755

Now boot your phone normally, into its canonical stock boot configuration. Connect usb cable. Start adb daemon for exmaple by

sudo adb devices
(adb start-server [for windows])

Then execute on your pc (you should be inside the folder where you have just downloaded the stuff)

(adbr.bat [for windows])

As the result you will have a brand new recovery image to be booted with vol-down+power pressed.

Remember: This recovery environment is immediately root.


adb access is the most serious achievement of this new recovery.

You have in your disposal busybox (with all links), gdisk, sgdik, mkfs.ext4 and mksh in /sbin folder. It is a good linux recovery set of tools. Also you have some essential scripts in /rbin. /rbin is not in your path so you will not run scripts from there unintentionally.

You should proceed here for the next exercise: new boot image.