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You can find here how to install the new boot image.

Repartitioning userdata and GROW

Re-partitioning is a straightforward but a must-to-be-done-accurately procedure. Mistakes may cost you a phone.

The micro-sdcard must be IN the phone! if you do not want a la factory reset.

The new recovery must be installed!

Also note the following: you most likely start with a large GROW partition and want to finish with a small GROW partition. Clearly, restoring will fail if initial size of data on GROW is bigger than the final partition size. However, as I understand, in order to pretend that nothing happened and continue using the phone (I mean to avoid complains from the system) you must, at least, restore some basic directory structure on GROW. Having said this you are advised to clean up the data on the GROW partition to the amount less than expected final size of the GROW partition before you proceed with backup-restore.

Boot into the new recovery with vol-down+power pressed. Start the adb daemon on your pc, for instance doing

sudo adb devices

Go into the shell

adb shell

Step 1. Backup.

Skip it if you do not care neither about your files nor about settings or programs installed by you and (therefore) want an effect of factory reset

If you care about something of the above - do backup. It is as follows (commands inside the adb shell)

cd /rbin

You will see a long output listing each file added to an archive on your sdcard in a very special folder brnect08.715

Step 2. Actual re-partitioning

For this run

gdisk /dev/block/mmcblk0

Unfortunately, I cannot provide you help here as it is solely up to you HOW you want to breakdown partitions. Just for reference, originally the partitions of interest reside as

   13         2818048         4456447   800.0 MiB   8300  userdata
   14         4456448        13565951   4.3 GiB     FFFF  GROW

where start and end are in 512-byte-sectors. I did them like

   13         2818048        13303807   5.0 GiB     8300  userdata
   14        13303808        13565951   128.0 MiB   FFFF  GROW

You achieve this in gdisk by deleting a partition and recreating it again with new boundaries.

Tiny gdisk intro:

All modifications are in memory! It is safe, but do not forget to write, using command w before you quit.

  • ? - anytime for help
  • d - delete partition, it asks number: enter number and press enter
  • n - create new partition, it asks number. If say, you deleted partition number 14, you now can enter 14, so you will just redo it, but of another size. Then starting and ending sectors are asked. You can just get from the table above. OR invent YOURS! As you like. Then it asks about a flag, agree to 8300, even for GROW. Standartly FFFF flag is not supported
  • c - CRUCIAL: you MUST give it a name as it was before, EXACTLY. Before entering the name you will be asked the partition number, of course
  • p - print, how the table looks now
  • w - write changes to disk, w/o this you will loose your efforts!
  • q -- quit

Once created and written by issuing the command w INSIDE gdisk you MUST reboot. It is the only way to instruct the kernel to read new partition table. First, exit the shell


Reboot your phone typing on your pc

adb reboot recovery 

After the reboot your phone is back to the recovery environment.

Step 3. Formatting

Go into the shell by typing on your pc

adb shell 

Now you must create file-systems on your re-shuffled partitions (command inside the adb shell)

mkfs.vfat /dev/block/mmcblk0p14
mkfs.ext4 -b 1024 -i 4096 /dev/block/mmcblk0p13

You are kindly instructed to write the arguments for the ext4 formatiing exactly as they are here. These values of -b and -i will save you from vasting 25% of the userdata space for nothing!

After this you will have a system exactly like after a stock factory reset.

Step 4. Restoring your files

Skip it if already skipped the step 1 or if you have changed your mind and want an a la factory reset phone.

To restore your files issue inside the adb shell

cd /rbin

This will unpack all your files from the backup into the previous place like nothing has happened! Now exit the shell


and then reboot the phone normally by typing on your pc

adb reboot

After the reboot you either have your previous phone or will have to re-do all the initialization. This depends on whether you have backed-up files and restored them back or not.


You should proceed here for some extra exercises.