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You can find here how to repartition NEC Terrain.

Placing su and Superuser.apk

  • system/ - folder: the relevant files are there

You download from the system/ folder here to some place on your pc:

  • (adbs.bat for windows)
  • su
  • Superuser.apk

Ensure that your adb daemon is running bu issuing

sudo adb devices

The new recovery must be installed!

In linux check that has 755 permissions. To be sure simply issue from inside the directory where you have downloaded the files

chmod 755

Now restart your phone into recovery typing on your pc

adb reboot recovery

From the directory where you have downloaded the suepruser stuff do

(adbs.bat [for windows])

Once done, reboot the phone by

adb reboot

After the reboot you will see "Android is upgrading" meaning it installs a new 'system' program Superuser.apk

You may want to proceed here for the troubleshooting hints.