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A framework for shared online viewing of streaming video. Built on Tornado and Redis.
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WatchWithMe is an application dedicated to letting you watch something with your friends as quickly and as easily as possible.

Anyone can host a room, chat, and watch content synchronously without an account.

Features Include:
- Text Chat
- Video Playback Synchronization

Planned Features:
- Voice Chat
- Persistent Accounts
- Invite-only rooms

- An available instance of Redis
- Python 2.7
- pip (for dependencies)

- check out the project via `git clone`
- install dependencies via `pip install -r requirements.txt`
- set up ``. `` can be copied and used verbatim if lazy.

To Run:
- Currently, there's no provided configs for running this project under a nice wsgi server like gunicorn or uwsgi, although setting it up would be trivial. For now, running `python` should suffice.

To Use:

- Go to /simpleroom/<whatevernumericalid> via Chrome or Firefox, where <whatevernumericalid> is a number of your choosing. That will be your room. Share that link with anyone you want to watch stuff with.
- To share an html5 compatible video, upload it to an easily downloadable location for all people you want to watch stuff with (I recommend Amazon S3), then insert the url in the input next to the `Set Source` button. For a sample video, try using this url: ``
- The video will begin to load for all members of the room. Each room member will submit to chat that they have loaded the video.
- Click `Play` and enjoy!
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