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Music Live Rig App with Web Audio and MIDI Api's
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logo Jam Station

  • Music Live Rig App with Web Audio and MIDI Api's



git clone
cd jam-station
  • Install the dependencies
npm i

Running the app

Important: Web MIDI is currently supported only in Chrome

  • To start up the app just run:
npm start
  • Open Chrome at http://localhost:8080
  • To use the synth simply connect a MIDI keyboard or install a virtual MIDI keyboard app

Development Notes

Note: The app is currently in active development, and the architecture could undergo several refactorings.

App Architecture

The app architecture is influenced by recent trends like functional and functional reactive programming

It's building blocks consist of redux inspired state machine, virtual dom with hyperscript, whereby rxjs observables are used to connect the different elements.

The application flow is one directional, flux like.

  • Actions -> State -> UI (-> Actions)

A central goal of this approach is to structure the app in a manner of how one might reason about it. For eg.:

  • The State of the app is being changed by the user Actions
const state$ =
	.scan((state, change) => change(state), actions.initial);
  • The UI of the app reflects it's State
const ui$ = state$.map(state => ui({state, actions}));
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