An extendable distributed shared memory system implentation
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An extendable distributed shared memory system implentation


In the main EDSM directory:

cmake .

This will create a build directory with two subdirectories, bin and lib. Bin contains the edsmd executable which will be the main point of entry for DSM programs. Lib contains the shared objects that contain EDSM tasks. These tasks are linked in at runtime and the up_call method is used as an entry point.

Running EDSM

./edsmd 5555 ../lib/ 

Starts edsmd and dynamically links in all of the task shared objects in ../lib

./edsmd 5555 ../lib/ 5555

Starts edsmd and joins it to the group that the peer at is currently in. This is how you would join additional peers to the initial peer started using the first command above.

Creating a task