Move chrome windows in full screen to several screen, creating AKA Kiosk
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Kiosk Mode In Windows - Chrome on Multiple Displays

Moves chrome windows in full screen to several displays, creating AKA Kiosk mode on Windows with Multiple displays.

It allows you to:

  • start all chrome instances in full screen mode automatically
  • move them to certain Monitors


1. Download and Extract

Download the latest release and extract contents to C:\Kiosk-Mode. You may put into another folder – but ensure you renamed path in all places.

2. Modify Ciklum-Kiosk.ps1

Put necessary URLs and Monitor Numbers (starting from 1)

3. Enable Scripts Execution

Run PowerShell as Administrator and execute the following, confirm when prompted:

  Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

4. Launch Shortcut

Double click on link (Start – Kios – modifypath.lnk) to ensure browsers are started and opened on necessary displays. Note: you may need to modify your link if you put file not into C:\Kiosk-Mode. Right click on it -> properties and fill it accordingly.

5. Autostart.

Copy the link/shortcut to desktop for easy access and to your startup folder.


If window is not moved to another desktop – try increasing the delay in script ($ChromeStartDelay) variable.

Script has been tested on Windows 8.1 machine.

Full Article Link: