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#A/BBY A Framer module for quantitative usability testing using Parse. This module is currently is still very much so in the MVP stages.

#####A/BBY records

  • Email of the person completing the usability test
  • The time it takes them to complete a task
  • An array of the errors they made, if they made any as they completed the task
  • Whether or not they successfully complete the task

Check out the tutorials (1|[2] ( by @gk3 to learn about using Parse and Framer together. In my opinion, they're some of the easier to follow tutorials I've seen for Framer.

##How to use with Framer Studio

  1. Create a new Framer project.
  2. Download and put in the modules folder of your project.
  3. Replace the placeholder with your own Application ID and Javascript Key for Parse at the top of the
  4. Add <script src=""></script> to index.html in the project.
  5. Write abby = require "abby" at the top of your Framer code and abby.init() at the end of your prototype's code.

You can also download the abby.framer project folder to skip some of the steps

Setting up Parse

  1. Create an App if you don't have one already within Framer
  2. Make a class named 'Person'
  3. Include the following columns to your table
  • time - String
  • email - String
  • errors - Array
  • success - Boolean

The data collected from your prototype will be submitted as rows into the same class. The downside of using Parse is that this prototype won't function offline.

General Use

  • The intro screen that collects the email can and probably should be modified depending on your test.
  • Make sure to place abby.init() at the very end of your prototype code.
  • Use abby.logError('describe the error') on interactions to log the incorrect interactions they make while trying to complete the task.
  • Place abby.end() to end the prototype if they didn't complete the task (either use it at a deadend or put it on a timer and place abby.success() within the interaction to mark when the task is completed.


A framer module for quantitative usability testing







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