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django-fixture-generator is a reusable django application to make writing fixtures not suck.
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Requires Django 1.2.

 * Add ``"fixture_generator"`` to your ``INSTALLED_APPS`` setting.
 * Create a ```` file in one of your apps.  It should look
   something like:
    from fixture_generator import fixture_generator
    from django.contrib.auth.models import User, Group
    @fixture_generator(User, requires=["my_app.test_groups"])
    def test_users():
        muggles, wizards = Group.objects.order_by("name")
        simon = User.objects.create(username="simon")
        adrian = User.objects.create(username="adrian")
        jacob = User.objects.create(username="jacob")
    def test_groups():
 * Run `` generate_fixture my_app.test_users``.
 * Save the resulting fixture somewhere. 
 * Note that you can't create an initial_data.json (or any other format)
   directly.  If you want to redirect the generate_fixture output to a file,
   try ``python generate_fixture my_app.test_users > initial_data.txt``
   and then rename it after it's generated.
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