Test suite updated to Django 1.4 + much needed performance and API fixes #99

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hcarvalhoalves commented Mar 29, 2012

Since I'm not sure if @alex is still actively working on django-taggit anymore I'm going to maintain a fork with some badly needed fixes. Here's the first pull request:

vdboor and others added some commits Oct 15, 2011

Optimize the query in `bulk_lookup_kwargs` for QuerySet args.
When passing a QuerySet to bulk_lookup_kwargs(), the queryset was
undesirably executed to get a list of IDs. This causes an unnecessary
performance loss.

There is no need to loop over a QuerySet to execute a IN (1, 3, 4) query.
Instead, just allow the ORM and database to execute a IN (SELECT id FROM ..) query.
In a real life app with a large set of objects, the difference in performance is noticeable.
Merge pull request #1 from bkonkle/master
Add m2m_reverse_field_name to TaggableManager. Thank you @bkonkle !

gw0 commented Jun 16, 2012

Have you tried contacting him? Maybe over email or over other means?


vdboor commented Jun 19, 2012

@hcarvalhoalves great initiative to merge some good features back in. I hope @alex can merge it, or - if he's busy (which I can imagine) - allow others to become maintainer of the django-taggit package on pypi.

epicserve and others added some commits Jul 19, 2012

Updated admin.py
- added the slug to the list_display
- added search_fields
Fixed a bug
Fixed an exception error that happens when someone adds a tag in a
different case, when a tag already exists in another case. In other
words when someone submits a new tag that creates the same slug as an
existing tag.
Merge pull request #3 from epicserve/master
Updated admin.py + bugfix for psycopg2 backend
Fixing database exceptions
All Django database backends capture the adapter exceptions an re-raise
them as django.db.utils exceptions, so it's safe and agnostic to just
capture these.
Merge pull request #4 from vibragiel/master
Fixing database exceptions

apollo13 commented Mar 28, 2013

@hcarvalhoalves, @vdboor: Could you see what's still relevant and open new pull requests for individual issues? Thanks!

@apollo13 apollo13 closed this Mar 28, 2013

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