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Update 1.5 release notes for XML and formset fixes.

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carljm committed Feb 12, 2013
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@@ -628,6 +628,25 @@ your routers allow synchronizing content types and permissions to only one of
them. See the docs on the :ref:`behavior of contrib apps with multiple
databases <contrib_app_multiple_databases>` for more information.
+XML deserializer will not parse documents with a DTD
+In order to prevent exposure to denial-of-service attacks related to external
+entity references and entity expansion, the XML model deserializer now refuses
+to parse XML documents containing a DTD (DOCTYPE definition). Since the XML
+serializer does not output a DTD, this will not impact typical usage, only
+cases where custom-created XML documents are passed to Django's model
+Formsets default ``max_num``
+A (default) value of ``None`` for the ``max_num`` argument to a formset factory
+no longer defaults to allowing any number of forms in the formset. Instead, in
+order to prevent memory-exhaustion attacks, it now defaults to a limit of 1000
+forms. This limit can be raised by explicitly setting a higher value for

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