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Commits on Jul 13, 2014
  1. Added a newline to appease flake8

Commits on Jul 12, 2014
  1. @claudep @aaugustin

    Fixed #22939 -- Delayed admin_static backend detection

    claudep authored aaugustin committed
    Thanks generalov for the report.
  2. @aaugustin

    Checked more precisely whether the app registry is ready.

    aaugustin authored
    Accounted for the three stages of population: app configs, models,
    ready() methods of app configs.
  3. @timgraham

    Removed extra newline.

    timgraham authored
  4. Bump the default iterations for PBKDF2.

    The rate at which we've increased this has not been keeping up with hardware (and software) improvements, and we're now considerably behind where we should be. The delta between our performance and an optimized implementation's performance prevents us from improving that further, but hopefully once Python 2.7.8 and 3.4+ get into more hands we can more aggressively increase this number.
  5. @andrewgodwin
Commits on Jul 10, 2014
  1. @timgraham

    Removed docs for @permalink decorator.

    timgraham authored
    It's been marked as "not recommended" since 1.6. Anyone still using it
    may refer to older versions of the docs.
  2. @timgraham
  3. @andrewgodwin
  4. @andrewgodwin

    Fix comment

    andrewgodwin authored
  5. @flisky @timgraham
  6. @timgraham
  7. @timgraham
  8. @jorgecarleitao @timgraham

    Fixed #22809 -- Added model Field API reference.

    jorgecarleitao authored timgraham committed
    Thanks to @timgraham for the review.
  9. @andrewgodwin
  10. @andrewgodwin
  11. @jarshwah @charettes

    Fixed #22988 -- Adjusted an introspection test assertion.

    jarshwah authored charettes committed
    Also changed test to use assertNotIn.
Commits on Jul 9, 2014
  1. @coder9042 @timgraham

    Fixed #19671 -- Added warnings that null and validators are ignored f…

    coder9042 authored timgraham committed
    …or ManyToManyField.
    Thanks Loic Bistuer and Tim Graham for help and review.
  2. @timgraham

    Revert "Improve cookie based session backend docs." refs #20418

    timgraham authored
    This reverts commit d9c01da.
    This is poor advice as it breaks the test client login (refs #22934).
    We can add a note like this back after refs #22986 is resolved.
  3. @timgraham

    Fixed #13794 -- Fixed to_field usage in BaseInlineFormSet.

    timgraham authored
    Thanks sebastien at for the report and gautier
    for the patch.
  4. @timgraham

    Fixed #22351 -- Removed usage of lambdas in model field options.

    timgraham authored
    Thanks claudep for review.
  5. @claudep

    Fixed #22223 -- Prevented over-escaping URLs in reverse()

    claudep authored
    And follow more closely the class of characters defined in the
    RFC 3986.
    Thanks Erik van Zijst for the report and the initial patch, and
    Tim Graham for the review.
  6. @jorgecarleitao @timgraham

    Fixed #22812 -- Refactored lookup API documentation.

    jorgecarleitao authored timgraham committed
    Thanks Anssi and Tim for reviews.
Commits on Jul 8, 2014
  1. @andrewgodwin
  2. @PirosB3 @timgraham
  3. @timgraham
  4. @coder9042 @timgraham

    Fixed #21832 -- Updated prompt, tests, and docs to show that USERNAME…

    coder9042 authored timgraham committed
    …_FIELD supports FK after 9bc2d76.
    Also added get_input_data() hook in createsuperuser.
    Thanks Chris Jerdonek and Tim Graham for review.
Commits on Jul 7, 2014
  1. @timgraham
  2. @timgraham

    Fixed flake8 errors.

    timgraham authored
  3. @timgraham
  4. @timgraham

    Fixed #22942 -- Noted that files are required for managem…

    timgraham authored
    …ent command detection.
    Thanks Diego Cerdán for the suggestion.
  5. @timgraham

    Fixed #22966 -- Clarified which release notes appear for each doc ver…

    timgraham authored
    Thanks haimunt at for the suggestion.
Commits on Jul 6, 2014
  1. @collinanderson
  2. @claudep

    Fixed pyinotify performance regression in 15f82c7

    claudep authored
    Refs #9722. Thanks Tim Graham for the review.
  3. @claudep

    Fixed #21079 -- Further normalized table names in inspectdb

    claudep authored
    Thanks Michael Manfre for the report and Tim Graham for the review.
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