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Commits on Nov 30, 2013
Commits on Nov 29, 2013
  1. @loic
  2. @loic

    Fixed #20867 -- Added the Form.add_error() method.

    loic committed
    Refs #20199 #16986.
    Thanks @akaariai, @bmispelon, @mjtamlyn, @timgraham for the reviews.
  3. @vajrasky @timgraham

    Fixed #21380 -- Added a way to set different permission for static di…

    vajrasky committed with timgraham
    Previously when collecting static files, the directories would receive permissions
    from the global umask. Now the default permission comes from FILE_UPLOAD_DIRECTORY_PERMISSIONS
    and there's an option to specify the permissions by subclassing any of the
    static files storage classes and setting the directory_permissions_mode parameter.
  4. @charettes
Commits on Nov 28, 2013
  1. @akaariai

    Merge pull request #2005 from loic/ticket21169

    akaariai committed
    Use 'update_fields' in RelatedManager.clear() when bulk=False.
  2. @loic

    Use 'update_fields' in RelatedManager.clear() when bulk=False.

    loic committed
    Thanks Simon Charette for the suggestion.
    Refs #21169.
  3. @claudep

    Fixed #21496 -- Fixed crash when GeometryField uses TextInput

    claudep committed
    Thanks Rhett Garber for the report and initial patch.
  4. @timgraham

    Fixed E125 pep8 warnings

    Christopher Medrela committed with timgraham
  5. @vajrasky @timgraham
Commits on Nov 27, 2013
  1. @bmispelon

    Fixed #21515 -- Corrected example of template.Context in documentation.

    bmispelon committed
    Thanks to trac user oubiga for the report.
  2. A handle of flake8 fixes

  3. @timgraham

    Added a warning regarding risks in serving user uploaded media.

    timgraham committed
    Thanks Preston Holmes for the draft text.
  4. @akaariai

    Merge pull request #2000 from loic/docs

    akaariai committed
    Fixed typo in release notes.
  5. @loic

    Fixed typo in release notes.

    loic committed
  6. @akaariai

    PEP-8 cleanup

    akaariai committed
    Refs #21169
  7. @loic @akaariai
  8. @akaariai
  9. @loic @akaariai

    Fixed #21169 -- Reworked RelatedManager methods use default filtering

    loic committed with akaariai
    The `remove()` and `clear()` methods of the related managers created by
    `ForeignKey`, `GenericForeignKey`, and `ManyToManyField` suffered from a
    number of issues. Some operations ran multiple data modifying queries without
    wrapping them in a transaction, and some operations didn't respect default
    filtering when it was present (i.e. when the default manager on the related
    model implemented a custom `get_queryset()`).
    Fixing the issues introduced some backward incompatible changes:
    - The implementation of `remove()` for `ForeignKey` related managers changed
      from a series of `` calls to a single `QuerySet.update()` call.
      The change means that `pre_save` and `post_save` signals aren't called anymore.
    - The `remove()` and `clear()` methods for `GenericForeignKey` related
      managers now perform bulk delete so `Model.delete()` isn't called anymore.
    - The `remove()` and `clear()` methods for `ManyToManyField` related
      managers perform nested queries when filtering is involved, which may
      or may not be an issue depending on the database and the data itself.
    Refs. #3871, #21174.
    Thanks Anssi Kääriäinen and Tim Graham for the reviews.
  10. @andrewgodwin
  11. @andrewgodwin
  12. @andrewgodwin
  13. @andrewgodwin
  14. @andrewgodwin
  15. @andrewgodwin
  16. @andrewgodwin

    Change initial migration writing to work as docs suggest.

    andrewgodwin committed
    Application template now includes an empty migrations module, and
    the autodetector will only make initial migrations for apps with
    empty modules.
  17. @andrewgodwin
Commits on Nov 26, 2013
  1. @andrewgodwin

    Merge pull request #1985 from raphaa/21499

    andrewgodwin committed
    Fixed #21499 -- Migrations won't work if field signature changes
  2. Fixed a typo in the documentation

  3. @claudep

    Fixed #21448 -- Fixed test client logout with cookie-based sessions

    claudep committed
    Thanks Gunnar Scherf for the report and the suggested patch.
  4. @richardxia @akaariai
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