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Logging Compatibility

Logbook provides backwards compatibility with the logging library. When activated, the logging library will transparently redirect all the logging calls to your Logbook logging setup.

Basic Setup

If you import the compat system and call the :func:`~logbook.compat.redirect_logging` function, all logging calls that happen after this call will transparently be redirected to Logbook:

from logbook.compat import redirect_logging

This also means you don't have to call :func:`logging.basicConfig`:

>>> from logbook.compat import redirect_logging
>>> redirect_logging()
>>> from logging import getLogger
>>> log = getLogger('My Logger')
>>> log.warn('This is a warning')
[2010-07-25 00:24] WARNING: My Logger: This is a warning

Advanced Setup

The way this is implemented is with a :class:`~logbook.compat.RedirectLoggingHandler`. This class is a handler for the old logging system that sends records via an internal logbook logger to the active logbook handlers. This handler can then be added to specific logging loggers if you want:

>>> from logging import getLogger
>>> mylog = getLogger('My Log')
>>> from logbook.compat import RedirectLoggingHandler
>>> mylog.addHandler(RedirectLoggingHandler())
>>> otherlog = getLogger('Other Log')
>>> otherlog.warn('logging is deprecated')
No handlers could be found for logger "Other Log"
>>> mylog.warn('but logbook is awesome')
[2010-07-25 00:29] WARNING: My Log: but logbook is awesome

Reverse Redirects

You can also redirect logbook records to logging, so the other way round. For this you just have to activate the :class:`~logbook.compat.LoggingHandler` for the thread or application:

from logbook import Logger
from logbook.compat import LoggingHandler

log = Logger('My app')
with LoggingHandler():
    log.warn('Going to logging')
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