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This covers installation of the development version of Pinax.
We would like to warn you now that you will be using a version of Pinax that
may not be entirely stable. If you are looking to run Pinax in a production
environment we recommend you download the latest stable release from
There are two different ways you might want to install a development release
of Pinax:
1) You want to try the latest code and don't mind if a tool clones Pinax for
you and installs it.
2) You are looking to contribute to Pinax and need to setup your environment
to commit back.
If you are looking for 2 you can move along to our online contributing
documentation located at
The rest of the file will cover 1.
To install a development version of Pinax you will first need the script. is a slightly modified version of
curl -O
This file may need to be updated if you want to upgrade your environment to
a newer version of Pinax. You are now ready to create a virtual environment
that will hold your development version of Pinax:
$ python --development pinax-env
The result of this command will be a new directory, pinax-env, that contains
a baseline environment containing pip, Django and Pinax. It contains no
dependancies at this point.
Activate this new environment:
$ source pinax-env/bin/activate
If you are a virtualenvwrapper user the above two command could have been:
$ python --development $WORKON_HOME/pinax-env
$ workon pinax-env
Make sure that whenever we reference pinax-env you prefix it $WORKON_HOME/.
(That was a period, not a part of the prefix).
Now you are ready to install the Pinax dependancies:
(pinax-env)$ pip install -r pinax-env/src/pinax/requirements/external_apps.txt
This may take some time as it needs to pull the packages down from the
Internet. Once it has completed you are ready to use Pinax! See
INSTALL.release "Starting a new Pinax project" section to continue.