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Additional folder colors for GNOME Adwaita icon theme
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A theme that inherits official GNOME Adwaita icon theme, and it only adds some additional folder colors to be used with Nautilus Folders Icons Plugin.

That theme won't break anything from Adwaita, and I made it mostly for my own use, since I really really want to be able to colorize the folders. I also opened a bug report in GNOME Files for having such functionality by default, but it died painfully <3

alt text


Just clone the repo and move it on ~/.local/share/icons/

In one command:

git clone --depth 1 ~/.local/share/icons/Adwaita-Colors

Then select it from GNOME Tweaks


Colors are from Material Design Palette, and I used

  1. 500 for Main
  2. 700 for Top
  3. 200 for Border
  4. Black for Shadows

TODO - Bugs

Small sizes are missing, so it doesn't look good with rest Adwaita folders, but at least work with largest size on Nautilus List view :)

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