An adventure with 64 pixels
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Pixel Dungeon

An adventure with 64 pixels



This is an Arduino project aimed to build a free/open-source handheld video game console based on Arduino and using a 64 RGB pixel matrix as display. It aims to run a minimalistic RPG-game inspired by TinyHack and Rogue-like games and to make it easy to implement other games.


This work is released under the GNU General Public License v3. See COPYING for more details.

Illustrations / the actual stuff



Special thanks

This work is using the PinChangeInt library and the TimerOne library, both released under the GNU GPLv3. Thanks a lot to their authors.

To-do list

  • (optional) Magic/projectile system
  • First PCB prototype
  • Housing
  • Level designer
  • Implement a ~full map playable map