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Troubleshoot your setup

Windows installation

On Windows, if the error "MSBUILD : error MSB4132" occurs, the windows-build-tools module might be missing. In a PowerShell window with administrator permissions, enter the following code, and then press Enter.

npm install --global windows-build-tools


To verify the payload package created by the publish script, find the skill payload at <your_project_path>/.deploy/{your-ask-skill-directory-name}.

To build the payload without performing a deployment, open a command prompt, enter the following code, and then press Enter.

npx alexa-sfb build <your_project_path>

New package version

When you pull a new version of the Skill Flow Builder package to an existing project, clean the workspace to apply the changes to your project.

  1. Open a command prompt, enter npm install/yarn install and then press Enter.
  2. To reinstall alexa-sfb enter the following commands.
cd <your_project_path>
npm upgrade # (or 'yarn upgrade' if using yarn)

Alternatively, if you installed the Skill Flow Builder CLI globally, complete the following procedure.

  • Open a command prompt, and enter the following command, and then replace {SFB} with the full path. (You can find where alexa-sfb is installed by running which alexa-sfb in the command line)
npm --global upgrade {SFB}/lib/moduleSrc/alexa-sfb

or if using yarn

yarn global upgrade {SFB}/lib/moduleSrc/alexa-sfb

Upgrading from ASK CLI v1

If you previously deployed a skill using ASK CLI v1 (using the SFB CLI v1), then you will see the following message when you run alexa-sfb deploy:

It seems that your project was built using ask-cli@1.x.x, which is no longer supported by Skill Flow Builder. Do you want to start deploying your project with ask-cli@2.x.x ? Your existing build artifacts will be modified to work with ask-cli@2.x.x. [Y/n]:

Simply enter 'Y' into the command prompt and press enter/return to continue with the deployment. The SFB CLI v2 will run the ask util upgrade-project command to upgrade the build artifacts in the .deploy/ directory automatically and continue with the deployment.

If you do not wish to upgrade at this time, enter 'n' instead and the deployment will stop without making any changes to your .deploy/ or metadata/ directories.

For more information on the upgrade process, please see ASK CLI v1 to v2 Migration Guide

Audio mixing fails in the skill

If you are building and installing the sfb-cli package directly from this repository (rather than installing via npm), and your skill fails when it attempts to mix audio, it is likely your sfb-cli package is missing the ffmpeg binary.

When building from source, you need to supply your own Linux build of FFmpeg (including LAME) to copy into the skill. The scripts/setup/ script supplied with repository will build FFmpeg and LAME binaries with the required configuration.

Next, copy the ffmpeg binary into one of these locations:

  1. The sfb-cli package directory
  2. The code/ directory in your SFB story package

Alternatively, you can set the ffmpeg-location-for-skill property in your project's abcConfig.json file to the full filepath for the ffmpeg binary.