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This module allows you to run an alexa-app-server on a device in your home, such as a Raspberry Pi. Running a server in your home allows you to easily communicate other devices on your local network.


npm install alexa-home-server --save


// index.js
  server_root: __dirname,
  port: 4000
$ node index.js
Listening on HTTP port 4000
Tunnel URL:


This module accepts all options provided by alexa-app-server, with a few additions:

  // A string value requesting a specific subdomain on the proxy server. Note: You may not actually receive this name depending on availablily.
  subdomain: 'some-subdomain',

  // Proxy to this hostname instead of localhost. This will also cause the Host header to be re-written to this value in proxied requests.
  localhost: 'localhost',

  // A callback that is invoked after the network tunnel has been opened
  onTunnelStart: function (tunnel) {
    console.log('Tunnel URL: %s', tunnel.url);

  // A callback that is invoked if an error occurs while opening a tunnel
  onTunnelError: function (err) {
    console.error('Tunnel Error: %s', err.message);