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Sample multi-modal skill
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Movie Quote Quiz

How Well Do You Know: Movie Quote Quiz was built to showcase the abilities of APL. A user can open up the skill, select a movie from a list, and then hear partial quotes from the selected movie. Then, they have to complete the quote.

With APL, you can develop custom visual templates quickly. Within the VUI code, you can layer in as many modular components as you'd like. In the movie scrolling screen, there's a text component at the top, and several repeating components that include a background image, and side-by-side text and image for each movie (and on a round screen, the text and image is stacked).

Almost all of the components in the skill are inside a ScrollView, inside the larger container with a background image. All of these modular components make it easier to both write and test the visual aspects of the skill.


This library is licensed under the Amazon Software License.

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