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Use the new AlexaPi instead.

This project is now deprecated in favor of the new AlexaPi ( which has all the features of this project and much more, such as:

  • support for a wide range of devices and platforms (Raspberry Pi, CHIP, Orange Pi, desktops, Magic Mirror and others)
  • voice activation (great PocketSphinx support and snowboy support soon to be released)
  • much more robust installation and configuration
  • better security
  • Arch Linux support
  • awesome documentation
  • and much, much more! You get it - it's just awesome.

Please switch over to the new project. Thank you.

Original README:


  • Sam Machin

This is the code needed to Turn a CHIP into a client for Amazon's Alexa service, it should be farly easy to port it over to the Raspberry Pi or other similar boards that can run python and have audio and network interfaces. I'd welcome any pull requests for doing so.


First obtain a CHIP from at time of writing (Jan 2016) orders wern't shipping till June 2016 Sorry!

Assuming you have a CHIP and its connected to your wifi network you then to do the hardware mod to enable mic input on the 3.5mm jack You could also just use the header pins on the board to access speaker and mic depending on your project.

You'll also want to connect a small normally open push button across GPIO1 and GND (pins 14 an 1 on U14)

Copy the contents of the repo into a new folder on the CHIP and then run the following

apt-get update
apt-get install  libasound2-dev memcached python-pip
pip install -r requirements.txt

Next you need to obtain a set of credentials from Amazon to use the Alexa Voice service, login at and Goto Alexa then Alexa Voice Service

You need to create a new product type as a Device, for the ID use something like AlexaCHIP, create a new security profile and under the web settings allowed origins put http://localhost:5000 and as a return URL put http://localhost:5000/code you can also create URLs replacing localhost with the IP of your CHIP/Pi etc eg

Once you've got the security credentials put them into the file on your device.

Now you can run the signup web server to create a login token, run python ./

Now if you setup localhost then you need to open a browser on your CHIP and goto http://localhost:5000 or if you added your IP as well then you can connect from your PC using that URL. This is a simple web app which will take you through authorising your developer credentials to access your alexa account as a user and finally it will return a refresh token that you then need to add to the file on your CHIP. Sorry this is a bit of a faff but you should only need to do it once for as many CHIP's as you want to use.

Finally you need to tell the CHIP to activate the GPIO pin, run the script from the terminal, you need to do this after each reboot as well.

Now that you've got the refresh token on you CHIP you're all set, just run from the console and after a few secs it should print Ready, now you can press the button say a command and await the response.

Enjoy :)

You'll probbly want to put the setup_gpio and scripts into crontab or something to auto run them at boot up.



DEPRECATED - Use instead ... Code to turn a CHIP into an Alexa Client




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