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Register your product and create a security profile.

After you've registered for an Amazon developer account, you'll need to create an Alexa device and security profile. Make note of the following parameters as you go through setup, ProductID, ClientID, and ClientSecret -- you'll need these later.

  1. Login to Amazon Developer Portal -
  2. Click Alexa -> Alexa Voice Service -> Get Started
  3. Click Create Product.
  4. Fill-in these values and save:

Product Information

On this page you'll provide information about your product.

  1. Product Name - This is what gets displayed to users when they register an instance of the product with Amazon.
  2. Product ID - A simple identifier for your product.
  3. When asked if your product is an app or device, select Device.
  4. When asked if your product will use a companion app, select Yes.
  5. For Product Category, select Other, and enter "Rapsberry Pi Project on GitHub". Note: For a commercial product, you should select the best option available.
  6. Enter a brief description. For example: My first Pi project.
  7. When asked how users will interact with your product, select Touch-initiated and Hands-free. Note: For a commercial product, you should select the options that best describe your product's functionality.
  8. You can skip uploading an image for now. This content is used on the manage your content and devices screen on
  9. When asked if you will distribute this project, select No. Note: For a commercial product, you should select Yes.
  10. When asked if this product is for children, select No.
  11. Click Next.

Security Profile

On this page we'll create a new Login with Amazon (LWA) security profile. This associates user data and security credentials with one or more products.

  1. Click Create New Profile.

  2. Enter a name and description for your security profile, then click Next. For example:

    • Security Profile Name: Alexa Voice Service Sample App Security Profile
    • Security Profile Description: Alexa Voice Service Sample App Security Profile Description

    Note: These are suggested values. You provide custom information for Security Profile Name and Security Profile Description.

    A Client ID and Client Secret will be generated for you.

  3. Enter your Allowed origins and Allowed return URLs. We need to setup http and https routes for our sample project:

You are now ready to generate self-signed certificates.

Enable Security Profile

  1. Open a web browser, and visit
  2. Near the top of the page, select the security profile you created earlier from the drop down menu and click Confirm.
  3. Enter a privacy policy URL beginning with http:// or https://. For this example, you can enter a fake URL such as
  4. [Optional] You may upload an image as well. The image will be shown on the Login with Amazon consent page to give your users context.
  5. Click Save.
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