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Enabling Skill ID Verification in AWS Lambda


It is highly recommended that you limit invocation permissions to just Alexa and enable skill ID verification to protect your function from malicious callers.


  1. To secure a Lambda function, so that it can only be invoked by your skill, follow these steps.
  2. Open up the developer portal and locate your skill in the list.
  3. Click on the skill id which is located in small text, directly below the skill name. It'll looks something like amzn1.ask.skill.12ab.... Once you click on it, the id should briefly change into the word 'Copied'.
  4. Return to your Lambda function in the AWS Console. If you're following a sample skill tutorial, you may already have this browser tab open. Otherwise, open the Lambda console by clicking here: AWS Console and selecting the appropriate function.
  5. In the Designer section, under the Add triggers section, locate the Alexa Skills Kit trigger and click on it.
  6. Scroll down to Configure triggers, paste the Skill ID in the Skill ID edit box.
  7. Click the Add button.
  8. You may see a second trigger with no Skill ID associated with it. This can be created by default, depending on how you created your function. Since you are securing it with a new trigger that is tied to the correct Skill ID, this unbound trigger can be safely deleted. Click the Delete button for this unbound trigger.
  9. Scroll up and click the Save button in the top right. You should see a green Saved message in the trigger object in the Designer.
  10. To view the function code again, click the box that has the Lambda icon followed by the name of your function.

Further Reading

For more information visit the Configuring Alexa Skills Kit Triggers section of our Official Alexa Skills Kit Documentation.