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Display Directive Demo

This demos how the List Templates and Body Templates works on devices with display capability. There are two templates for displaying lists, one that scrolls vertically and one horizontally. There are five body templates, one for each U.S. state held in the skill's data object.

When you begin this skill it will display the data we have in our skill in a vertical format. Asking for the horizontal list will then display a horizontally-scrolling list. Asking for any of the five U.S. states on the list will display info about that state, each using a unique body template.

What You Will Need

Setting Up the Demo

This folder contains the interaction model and skill code. It is structured to make it easy to deploy if you have the ASK CLI already setup. If you would like to use the Developer Portal, you can follow the steps outlined in the Hello World example, substituting the Model and the skill code when called for.

Exploring the Display Directive

There is one interface to be enabled on the skill configuration side, however most of the dispaly template work is on the skill code side. There are two handlers, one for the generating the list views and one for the body templates. You'll notice that their structure is basically the same, with different elements being displayed based on the template selected. The demo only uses one size image, however many can be supplied in the response and the best one can then be selected by the display rendering engine.

Running the demo

Once enabled, try saying horizontal or vertical to see different list views. Say state names or template names to see the different body templates. Navigate by touch.