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APL Design Toolkit

The APL design tools are for the Sketch design program. Download Sketch here. These tools can help you design the visual display for your skill.

Included in this toolset are the following items:

  • Alexa Design System Templates for APL
  • Amazon Typeface files
  • Links to download Sketch, Alexa Design System Library (including the Color Palette), and Anima Sketch Plugin

System Requirements

  • Sketch version 55.2 or higher. Download Sketch here
  • Anima Sketch plugin (free) in order for the library to work. Download Anima here.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the Alexa Design System Layouts and Amazon Typefaces files from the links provided here in GitHub.
  2. You can download the sketch files here with manual updates, or you get automatic updates by installing the Alexa Design System Library plugin at:

Pasting this link in your browser will automatically start the download for Sketch. Anytime the library is updated, you'll automatically be updated as well so you’ll always have the most recent version. 3. The layouts file utilizes the library. You can either copy and paste artboards from the layouts file or save it as a template (but not a library).

Further Reading

For more information about APL, check out the following documentation:

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