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Alexa Skills Kit SDK for Node.js

English | 日本語

The ASK SDK v2 for Node.js makes it easier for you to build highly engaging skills by allowing you to spend more time on implementing features and less on writing boilerplate code.

The ASK SDK Controls Framework (Beta) builds on the ASK SDK v2 for Node.js, providing a scalable solution for creating large, multi-turn skills in code with reusable components called controls.

The ASK SMAPI SDK for Node.js provides developers a library for easily interacting with all Skill Management APIs (SMAPI), including interaction model, intent request history, and in-skill purchasing APIs.

Package Versions

Package NPM
ask-sdk npm npm
ask-sdk-core npm npm
ask-sdk-dynamodb-persistence-adapter npm npm
ask-sdk-runtime npm npm
ask-sdk-s3-persistence-adapter npm npm
ask-sdk-v1adapter npm npm
ask-sdk-express-adapter npm npm
ask-smapi-sdk npm npm
ask-sdk-local-debug npm npm

Alexa Features Supported by SDK

Preview Features

The following features are released as public preview. The interfaces might change in future releases.

Technical Documentation


The SDK works on model classes rather than native Alexa JSON requests and responses. These model classes are generated using the Request, Response JSON schemas from the developer docs. The source code for the model classes can be found here.


Hello World

Sample that familiarizes you with the Alexa Skills Kit and AWS Lambda by allowing you to hear a response from Alexa when you trigger the sample.

Hello World (Controls framework)

Sample that familiarizes you with the Controls framework, allowing you to hear a response from Alexa when you trigger the skill.


Template for a basic fact skill. You’ll provide a list of interesting facts about a topic, Alexa will select a fact at random and tell it to the user when the skill is invoked.

How To

Template for a parameter-based skill called 'Minecraft Helper'. When the user asks how to craft an item in the game Minecraft, the skill provides instructions.


Template for a trivia-style game with score keeping. Alexa asks the user multiple-choice questions and seeks a response. Correct and incorrect answers to questions are recorded.

Quiz Game

Template for a basic quiz game skill. Alexa quizzes the user with facts from a list you provide.

City Guide

Template for a local recommendations skill. Alexa uses the data that you provide to offer recommendations according to the user's stated preferences.

Pet Match

Sample skill that matches the user with a pet. Alexa prompts the user for the information it needs to determine a match. Once all of the required information is collected, the skill sends the data to an external web service that processes the data and returns the match.

High Low Game

Template for a basic high-low game skill. When the user guesses a number, Alexa tells the user whether the number she has in mind is higher or lower.

Decision Tree

Template for a basic decision tree skill. Alexa asks the user a series of questions to get to a career suggestion.

Fruit Shop (Controls framework)

Build a multi-modal grocery shopping skill using custom and library controls for item lists, shopping cart management, and checkout.

Device Address API

Sample skill that shows how to request and access the configured address in the user’s device settings.

Audio Player

Project that demonstrates how to use the audio player for skills.

Other Language Alexa Skills Kit SDKs

Alexa Skills Kit SDK for Java

Alexa Skills Kit SDK for Python

Got Feedback?

Request and vote for Alexa features here!


The Alexa Skills Kit SDK for Node.js helps you get a skill up and running quickly, letting you focus on skill logic instead of boilerplate code.



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