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An Alexa sample skill in Java that demonstrates how to use In-Skill Purchasing (ISP) features by offering a "Greetings Pack” and a “Premium Subscription" that greets the customer in a variety of languages in different accents using Amazon Polly.
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Build An Alexa Skill with In-Skill Purchases - Premium Hello World

Adding premium content to your skill is a way for you to monetize your skill. This Alexa sample skill is a template for a basic ISP skill. It takes the hello world skill and adds greetings in a variety of languages as premium content. This premium content is accessed through a one-time purchase of the "Premium Greeting Pack". This guide walks through the setup of this skill, including the creation of the in-skill products.


This library is licensed under the Amazon Software License.

Skill Architecture

Each skill consists of two basic parts, a front end and a back end.

  1. The front end is the voice interface, or VUI. The voice interface is configured through the voice interaction model.
  2. The back end is where the logic of your skill resides.

Skill Setup (AWS Hosted)

In this sample skill, we will be deploying the skill to Lambda function using Amazon Web Services

To Get Started using the Alexa Developer Console, click the button below:

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Additional Resources


Tutorials & Guides

  • Voice Design Guide - A great resource for learning conversational and voice user interface design.
  • Codecademy: Learn Alexa - Learn how to build an Alexa Skill from within your browser with this beginner friendly tutorial on Codecademy!


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