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Sample code for a simple "Hello World" of sorts for ISP that demonstrates how to use the new in-skill purchase features (Consumable) of Alexa skills by offering a "Sharing Pack" which lets customers share greeting with friends.
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Build An Alexa Skill with Consumable (ISP) - Greeting Sender

Adding premium content and functionalities to your skill is a way for you to monetize your skill. "Greeting Sender" is a sample Alexa skill that demonstrates how you can use Consumable in your Alexa Skill. "Consumable" are an in-skill product that you can use in your Alexa skill to allow customers to access content or features that can be purchased, depleted, and purchased again. For example, you can leverage consumable in-skill products as hints for a game, in-game currency, or extra lives. The Sharing Pack in our "Greeting Sender" sample skill is a consumable in-skill product that allows customers to buy "Sharing Coins" that they can use to send greetings with their friends.

Skill Architecture

Each skill consists of two basic parts, a front end and a back end.

  1. The front end is the voice interface, or VUI. The voice interface is configured through the voice interaction model.
  2. The back end is where the logic of your skill resides.

Three Options for Skill Setup

There are a number of different ways for you to setup your skill, depending on your experience and what tools you have available - Alexa Hosted, AWS Hosted, ASK CLI. For this Hello World Skill, we will be using the Alexa Hosted option. If you'd like to use the AWS Hosted, or ASK CLI methods, you can check out the instructions here for the Sample Fact skill - AWS Hosted Instructions | ASK CLI instructions

Alexa Hosted

With an Alexa-hosted skill, you can build, edit, and publish a skill without leaving the developer console. The skill includes a code editor for managing and deploying the backend code for your skill. For details on what the Alexa-Hosted skills service provides, open this page in a new tab.

To Get Started using the Alexa Developer Console, click the button below:

Get Started

Additional Resources


Tutorials & Guides

  • Voice Design Guide - A great resource for learning conversational and voice user interface design.
  • Codecademy: Learn Alexa - Learn how to build an Alexa Skill from within your browser with this beginner friendly tutorial on Codecademy!


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