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This demo store showcases how to integrate Amazon Pay into your shopping experiences on Alexa.
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Build an Alexa Skill with Amazon Pay - Demo Store

Do you currently sell real world goods or services on other channels but want to expand to Alexa to reach new and existing customers? Good news, with Amazon Pay, you can offer a seamless voice purchasing experience to your customers, allowing them to purchase real-world goods and services via Alexa - without having to leave the voice experience.

This custom skill is a demo store that showcases how to use Amazon Pay for your shopping experiences with Alexa.

What You Will Need

Before you start working on this skill, you will need to create the following accounts:

Setting Up the Demo

This repository contains the interaction model and skill code. It is structured to make it easy to deploy if you have the ASK CLI setup. If you would like to use the Alexa Developer Console, you can follow the steps outlined in the Hello World example, substituting the Model and the skill code when called for. In addition, you will need to configure the additional supporting javascript files found in the custom folder.

  1. Clone repository and navigate the demo's root folder ( lambda/custom ).
  2. Open config.js and update values bucketName, sellerId, and sandboxCustomerEmailId
    • the bucketName is the name of your S3 bucket.
    • the sellerId is your Amazon Pay Seller Id. You can find that here
    • the sandboxCustomerEmailId is the email address of the Amazon Pay sandbox test account you created in Seller Central. Instructions here.
  3. Give your skill permission to use your Amazon Pay account. You can do that here. The documentation is here.
  4. Enable the skill using the Alexa app. Be sure to click Settings to show the permissions page if you do not see it. Provide permission to use Amazon Pay.

Running the Demo

Launch the demo by saying, 'Alexa, open No Nicks'. If you receive an error, proceed to the troubleshooting section.


If you encounter issues with your skill, check the following:

  1. Your Amazon Pay account is in good standing. Navigate to Seller Central and select the Production environment to verify there are no errors with your Amazon Pay account.
  2. The correct skill Id is linked in Seller Central for both the Sandbox and Production environments. In Seller Central, navigate to Integration > Alexa.
  3. Your Amazon Pay sandbox test account is created in Seller Central. Instructions here.
  4. Amazon Pay permissions are enabled for your skill in the Alexa Developer Console. In the Alexa Developer Console, navigate to your skill then Build > Permissions > Amazon Pay.
  5. config.js contains the correct values for bucketName, sellerId, and sandboxCustomerEmailId.
  6. Your skill is enabled in your Alexa App.
  7. Consent and permissions for Amazon Pay are enabled for your skill in your Alexa App.
  8. Voice Purchasing is enabled in your Alexa App.

Processing errors and decline handling can be found here:



This library is licensed under the Amazon Software License.

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