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Build An Alexa Hello World Skill

This is a simple tutorial to introduce a simple Alexa skill and code.

This tutorial will walk first-time Alexa skills developers through all the required steps involved in creating a skill using this hello world template, called ‘hello world’. This post assumes you have some familiarity with JavaScript/Node.js (or a similar programming language) and the Alexa Skills Kit.

If this is your first time here, you're new to Alexa Skills Development, or you're looking for more detailed instructions, click the Get Started button below:

Get Started

Or click here for instructions using the ASK CLI (command line interface).

Additional Resources


Tutorials & Guides

  • Voice Design Guide - A great resource for learning conversational and voice user interface design.
  • Codecademy: Learn Alexa - Learn how to build an Alexa Skill from within your browser with this beginner friendly tutorial on Codecademy!