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This version of DeltaBot has been deprecated. For the newest version, please see


DeltaBot is a score keeping reddit bot originally designed for /r/changemyview. If you are thinking about using this code for your own subreddit, or any other purpose, we advise that you use a token that makes sense to you. The delta is an appropriate symbol that was chosen for /r/changemyview because it is often used to represent change.

This bot works by reading a subreddit and looking for specific tokens that denote that a point should be awarded. If it finds one, it acts accordingly by carrying out various jobs that can be found at


  1. Make sure you have Python and PRAW installed.
  2. Create the file config.json and fill in the appropriate fields using config.json.example as a template.
  3. Linux/Mac users: Run Windows users: Run winrun.bat. CLI: Type python deltabot from the root folder of the program.

Make sure whatever account you're using to run the bot is a moderator of your subreddit and has permission to edit flair and the wiki.


If you're a developer visit the developer subreddit /r/DeltaBot

Check out requirements_doc.txt to get an idea of what DeltaBot needs to do. To see new features that have not been implemented yet, check the Issues page.

Join us on IRC! (Snoonet #DeltaBot)