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package WWW::SFDC::Metadata;
# ABSTRACT: Interface to the Metadata API
use 5.12.0;
use strict;
use warnings;
use Data::Dumper;
use Log::Log4perl ':easy';
use SOAP::Lite;
use WWW::SFDC::SessionManager;
use Moo;
with "MooX::Singleton", "WWW::SFDC::Role::Session";
my $client = Sophos::sfdc->instance(creds => {
username => 'foo',
password => 'bar',
url => ''
my $manifest = $client->listMetadata(
{type => "CustomObject"},
{type => "Report", folder => "FooReports"}
my $base64zipstring = $client->retrieveMetadata(
{checkOnly => 'true'}
For more in-depth examples, see t/WWW/SFDC/Metadata.t
has 'apiVersion', is => 'ro', default => 33;
has 'uri',
is => 'ro',
default => "";
sub _extractURL {
return $_[1]->{metadataServerUrl};
=method listMetadata @queries
Accepts a list of types and folders, such as
{type => "CustomObject"},
{type => "Report", folder => "FooReports"}
and generates a list of file names suitable for turning into a WWW::SFDC::Manifest.
sub listMetadata {
my $self = shift; #remaining elements of @_ are queries;
INFO "Listing Metadata...\t";
my @result;
my @queryData = map {SOAP::Data->new(name => "queries", value => $_)} @_;
# listMetadata can only handle 3 requests at a time, so we chunk them.
while (my @items = splice @queryData, 0, 3) {
push @result, $$_{fileName} for $self->_call('listMetadata', @items);
return @result;
=method retrieveMetadata $manifest
Sets up a retrieval from then checks it until done. Returns the
same data as checkRetrieval. Requires a manifest of the form:
my $manifest = {
"ApexClass" => ["MyApexClass"],
"CustomObject" => ["*", "Account", "User", 'Opportunity"],
"Profile" => ["*"]
# Sets up an asynchronous metadata retrieval request and
# returns just the id, for checking later. Accepts a manifest.
sub _startRetrieval {
INFO "Starting retrieval";
my ($self, $manifest) = @_;
# These maps basically preserve the structure passed in,
# translating it to salesforce's special package.xml structure.
my @queryData = map {
SOAP::Data->name (
types => \SOAP::Data->value(
map {SOAP::Data->name(members => $_) } @{ $$manifest{$_} },
SOAP::Data->name(name => $_ )
} keys %$manifest;
return ($self->_call(
retrieveRequest => {
# a lower value than 31 means no status is retrieved, causing an error.
apiVersion => $self->apiVersion(),
unpackaged => \SOAP::Data->value(@queryData)
) )[0]->{id};
# Uses the id to request a status update from SFDC, and returns
# undef unless there's something to give back, in which case it
# returns the base64 encoded zip file from the response.
sub _checkRetrieval {
my ($self, $id) = @_;
LOGDIE "No ID was passed in!" unless $id;
my ($result) = $self->_call(
SOAP::Data->name("asyncProcessId" => $id)
INFO "Status:" . $$result{status};
return $result->{zipFile} if $$result{status} eq "Succeeded";
return if $$result{status} =~ /Pending|InProgress/;
LOGDIE "Check Retrieve had an unexpected result: ".$$result{message};
sub retrieveMetadata {
my ($self, $manifest) = @_;
LOGDIE "This method must be called with a manifest" unless $manifest;
my $requestId = $self->_startRetrieval($manifest);
my $result;
do { $self->_sleep() } until $result = $self->_checkRetrieval($requestId);
return $result;
=method deployMetadata $zipString, \%deployOptions
Takes a base64 zip file and deploys it. Deploy options will be
passed verbatim into the request; see the metadata developer
guide for a description.
#Check up on an async deployment request. Returns 1 when complete.
sub _checkDeployment {
my ($self, $id) = @_;
LOGDIE "No ID was passed in" unless $id;
my ($result) = $self->_call(
SOAP::Data->name("id" => $id),
SOAP::Data->name("includeDetails" => "true")
INFO "Deployment status:\t".$$result{status};
return 1 if $$result{status} eq "Succeeded";
return if $$result{status} =~ /Queued|Pending|InProgress/;
# useful deployment error here please
LOGDIE "DEPLOYMENT FAILED: ".Dumper $result->{details}->{componentFailures}
if $result->{status} eq "Failed";
LOGDIE "Check Deploy had an unexpected result: ".Dumper $result;
sub deployMetadata {
my ($self, $zip, $deployOptions) = @_;
my ($result) = $self->_call(
SOAP::Data->name( zipfile => $zip),
($deployOptions ? SOAP::Data->name(DeployOptions=>$deployOptions) : ())
INFO "Deployment status:\t".$$result{state};
#do..until guarantees that sleep() executes at least once.
do {$self->_sleep()} until $self->_checkDeployment($$result{id});
return $$result{id};
=method deployRecentValidation $id
Calls deployRecentValidation with your successfully-validated deployment.
sub deployRecentValidation {
my ($self, $id) = @_;
chomp $id;
return $self->_call(
SOAP::Data->name(validationID => $id)
=head1 BUGS
Please report any bugs or feature requests at L<>.
=head1 SUPPORT
You can find documentation for this module with the perldoc command.
perldoc WWW::SFDC::Metadata
You can also look for information at L<>
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