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capstools is a set of functions that can be used to do basic static analysis of x86/x64 instructions. The tool uses the Capstone Engine to disassembly binary data. The intent of this project is to be able to traverse binary data/instructions to do basic binary analysis on memory dumps, binary data, etc. The function naming convention is the same as IDAPython but only a very small subset of functions have been implemented.

This project is a work in progress. I'm still fixing errors and adding new functions.


Example usage

from capstool import CapsTool
data = open("example.bin", "rb").read()
cs = CapsTool(data, 32)
cur_addr = 0

for x in range(0, 32):
    print "0x%x\t%s"  % (cur_addr, cs.get_disasm(cur_addr))
    cur_addr = cs.next_head(cur_addr)    

For Portable Executable (PE) files capstool copies the .text section into a buffer using pefile. capstool does not attempt to convert the relative virtual address (RVA) for offsets. If working with RVAs, a function named (short for file offset) can be used to return the raw address.


0x0	push ebp
0x1	mov ebp, esp
0x3	sub esp, 0x34
0x6	push ebx
0x7	push esi
0x8	push edi
0x9	push 3
0xb	push 0x406020
0x10	push 0x406024
0x15	call 0x3fc8
0x1a	push 0x11
0x1c	push 0x406028
0x21	push 0x40603c
0x26	mov dword ptr [0x40a9f8], eax
0x2b	call 0x3fb2
0x30	push 0xc
0x32	push 0x406050
0x37	push 0x406060
0x3c	mov dword ptr [0x40a2e0], eax
0x41	call 0x3f9c
0x46	push 0xe
0x48	pop ebx
0x49	push ebx
0x4a	push 0x406070
0x4f	push 0x406080
0x54	mov dword ptr [0x40a2e4], eax
0x59	call 0x3f84
0x5e	push 0xd
0x60	pop esi
0x61	push esi
0x62	push 0x406090
0x67	push 0x4060a0


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