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Data for the study on (un)correlated switching rate in KDE and NC displays
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Correlated switching rate in kinectic-depth effect displays

Data and analysis for the study on switch rates in kinetic-depth effect and Necker cube displays.

The full dataset is in Data folder. Supplementary videos are in Videos folder. For complete analysis please refer to Analysis.Rmd file or to static Github version of it


  • Session session timestamp in the form of year-month-day-hour-minute-second.
  • Participant Unique participant ID.
  • Block Block index.
  • Condition Block condition, can be either Passive, Speed-up, or Slow-down.
  • Display Block display, can be either KDE -45 (clockwise rotated kinetic-depth effect), KDE 45 (counterclockwise rotated kinetic-depth effect), or NC (Necker cube lattice).
  • OnsetDelay Randomized delay before the stimulus onset in seconds.
  • Percept Perceptual reports (left, right, or unclear) or the end of the block message.
  • Time Time of the perceptual report or of the end of the block relative to the block start, in seconds.


All data (and associated content) is licensed under the CC-By Attribution 4.0 International License. All code is licensed under the MIT License.

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