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WSPR beacon based on Arduino + si5351
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The multimode beacon is based on Arduino + si5351 module.

Supported modes:

  • WSPR2
  • WSPR15
  • JT65
  • JT9
  • JT4

Key features:

  • Internal encoder for WSPR and ISCAT.
  • Simple "in code configuration".
  • Useful on-line mode configurator.
  • TX start is controlled by extremely accurate I2C real-time clock Ds3231.
  • Terminal-based command line interface.
  • Support band-hopping with LPF auto selection.
  • Pin-compliant with QRP-LABS Arduino shield and relay-switch board.

To configure base frequency, step of FSK manipulation, T/R interval, mode - please use javascript based configurator: or open local configurator : ./doc/band_configurator.html

The WSPR beacon message in defined directly in the code in text form. Please use command-line utilities jt65code, jt4code, jt9code to generate symbol stream for these modes.

Updated at Jenuary 2017. Experimental feature: GPS module instead of DS3231. Please see macros TIME_SLICE_GPS/TIME_SLICE_DS3231 in si5351-beacon.ino file.

Terminal commands:

Command Description Example
ts Time Show (show current time) ts
ts N Time Show N times ts 5
start Start transmission start
stop Terminate transmission stop
activate Activate autostart TX mode activate
deactivate Deactivate autostart TX mode deactivate
si Show system info (time+launch time) si
bhe Band hopping enable bhe
bhd Band hopping disable bhd
nb Next band (useful when band hopping is disabled) nb
temperature show current temperature measured by Ds3231 temperature
setdate update time in Ds3231 chip setdate 2016-05-01 12:35:30

Please configure terminal with newline termination. Command setdate - in-chip datetime will be updated as soon as you hit enter.

Block diagram

qrp-labs arduio shield

After downloading, rename folder to 'si5351-beacon'. It is arduino obligatory, the folder name should have the same name as *.ino file has. The project was tested in Arduino 1.6.7 development environment. If you have any problems in sketch compiling please use exactly this version.

Si5351 module, arduio-shield, LPF's, relay-switched board was purchased from
Ds3231 module - from aliexpress.
Arduino Leonardo - from local shop.

Link to blog post:
Link to forum thread

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