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This Leiningen template allows you to create Vagrant-powered ready-to-hack Clojure/Datomic applications. If you want use Vagrant in an existing project, take a look at the sample project from where you can copy the files necessary for Vagrant and Ansible.


You’ll obviously need Leiningen. You will also have to install the following packages from your OS repositories:


Create a new Clojure/Datomic project by executing:

lein new vagrant myproject +datomic

You can also omit +datomic argument if you don’t need it. Then you’ll get an ordinary Clojure project running inside VM.

After the project is created go inside and do:

vagrant up

When run for the first time this command will take a solid while to complete. Here’s a brief summary about what it does:

  • downloads Ubuntu 14.04 image
  • creates a new virtual machine
  • installs necessary packages (like Git and OpenJDK)
  • fetches all dependencies for the project
  • downloads and installs Datomic

After the provisioning completes you will have a development-ready virtual machine where:

  • Datomic runs on 4334 inside port
  • headless REPL runs on 4242 port forwarded outside

So you can fire up CIDER straight away and do M-x cider-connect localhost 4242 to connect to the remote REPL running inside the VM (or use any other nREPL-compatible editor/IDE).


Both Datomic and nREPL are run as Upstart services. In order to manipulate them you’ll have to vagrant ssh inside the machine. Then you can do:

sudo {start/stop/restart/status} nrepl
sudo {start/stop/restart/status} datomic

Restarting nREPL will prove necessary when, for example, you add new dependencies to your project.

For more information on how to use Vagrant please consult its official documentation.


CIDER can’t connect, prints “make client process failed: connection refused”

It is possible that nREPL hasn’t yet started (especially after manual sudo restart nrepl). Try again in a few seconds.


I thank Daniel Higginbotham for Grateful Place source code which I took as the initial reference and borrowed code from, and for his blog post where he in details explained his Clojure/Datomic/Vagrant setup.


Copyright © 2014 Alexander Yakushev. Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure. See the file COPYING.