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4Clojure for Android

This is the source code for unofficial 4Clojure Android application. The app is a client for, which is a website for solving Clojure koans (short programming problems). 4Clojure for Android allows solving these koans on your mobile phone, without entering the browser, in both online and offline mode.

Features so far:

  • Full synchronization with server (new problems and solutions are downloaded automatically)
  • Full offline support (network is not required to solve problems, solutions can be synchronized later)
  • In-client registration
  • Acceptable code editor (with highlighting and indentation)

Plans for future:

  • Code golf
  • Integration with Clojail

How to build

Set :sdk-path in :android map in project.clj. Execute lein droid doall inside the repository.

For more information on Clojure-Android initiative check and lein-droid tutorial.


I thank team for developing and maintaining this great resource, and for allowing me to base the application upon their work.


Copyright © 2015 Alexander Yakushev. Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure. See the file LICENSE. data (both embedded into app and downloaded later) and logo are available under the EPL v 1.0 license.

Green check icon is taken from and is provided under CC BY-ND 3.0.