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Dev Setup

npm install
brew install qrencode

Editing the books.csv file

If you open it in Excel, Excel is "smart" enough to notice the first column looks like numbers, so it discards all the "irrelevant" leading zeroes and breaks everything. So, instead you must open a blank worksheet in Excel and import data/books.csv.

  • Select Origin "UTF-8"
  • Select Delimited > Comma
  • Mark the first column as Text (not number)

When you save, you can save as .csv to replace the original.

Overriding Thumbnails

If the google books results don't give the right thumbnail, you can override it by committing the thumbnail to git in the ./data/thumbnails directory. The file path should be the isbn with no file extension.

The image must be 192 pixels tall. You may find this imagemagick resize command helpful:

convert ~/Downloads/$isbn.jpg -resize x192 data/thumbnails/$isbn

Loading new books

To pre-populate the csv & thumbnail, run npm run search -- <isbn>.

This will generate an html summary of the search results and open it.

Click on the tile that looks right. This copies some bash to your clipboard.

Paste that bash into a terminal in the project root directory to download the thumbnail and put the isbn/title/author at the end of the csv file.

Updating the color map

When you're done a batch, re-run npm run generate-color-map to update colors.json

Updating box labels

If you edit src/box_labels.books.json, re-run npm run generate-qr-codes to update the QR codes to match the new box list.

CI setup

Use npm run ci-build to build everything except the Nearley grammar for parsing search. That's committed to git so it's optional to build it.


An inventory website for books that are in our deep storage.







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