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Java viewer of the data files from the game Theme Hospital
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Copyright (c) 2007-2016, Alexander Gitter


1. Description
2. Project Web Site and contact info
3. Requirements
4. Installation
5. Running

1. Description

THViewer is a program that enables you to show graphics, animations and other
resources from the Theme Hospital game. It is written in the Java programming

THViewer is distributed under the terms of the BSD License. See COPYING for more

2. Project Web Site and contact info

More information, the latest releases can be found at:

You can contact me at: contact at agitter net.

3. Requirements

THViewer should be able to run without problems on all the major platforms
supporting Java (GNU/Linux, *BSD, Solaris, Win32).

To build and run the current version of THViewer you need:
  * Apache Commons IO (
  * A Java SDK >= 1.5 (
  * Apache Ant (
Development is done using the latest stable versions of the above libraries. 
Although using an older version may be OK, there is no guarantee that there 
will not be problems.

4. Installation
  * get Apache Commons IO and unpack the file "commons-io-1.4.jar" into the
    project's root directory
  * run ant
  * copy the contents from ./build/dist/ whereever you see them fit
5. Running
You can run the program by either
  * using he build script - "ant run"
  * directly running the THViewer.jar (will be created in ./build/dist/) -
    "java -jar THViewer.jar"
THViewer will ask you for the Theme Hospital (usually something like
C:\Program Files\Bullfrog\Hospital). The main window allows you to open the
supported resource files. So if for instace you want to view all of theme
hospitals mouse pointer sprites, you would choose "Viewer > Open" and then
select the file "data/mpointer.dat".

RNC decompressor (dernc.c, dernc.h)
Released under the MIT license
Copyright (c) 2009 Jon Skeet, Simon Tatham
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