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##My PRU Stuffs

This repository contains my notes and code as I play with the AM3359 PRU on the BeagleBone Black.


These were the steps I took to setup the assembler and the prussdrv C library on the BBB. I started with this:

First, install the PRU assembler and prussdrv library:

# cd ~
# git clone
# cd am335x_pru_package
# make
# make install

This put in /usr/local/lib, which was not in my gcc library path, so I added it by putting this into ~/.bashrc:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/usr/local/lib

Then source it with:

 # . ~/.bashrc

Next the PRU needs to be enabled, which can be done with a Device Tree overlay that was included with the Debian image I'm using:

# echo BB-BONE-PRU-01 > /sys/devices/bone_capemgr.*/slots

Next enable the uio_pruss kernel module, which exports PRU host event interrupts to user-space, and also exposes the PRU L3 RAM and DDR RAM for user-space reading and writing:

# modprobe uio_pruss

The PRUSS should now be ready to use! The am335x_pru_package includes a few demos:

# cd ~/am335x_pru_package/pru_sw/example_apps/bin
# ./PRU_memAcc_DDR_sharedRAM

If all goes well you should see:

INFO: Starting PRU_memAcc_DDR_sharedRAM example.
        INFO: Initializing example.
        INFO: Executing example.
        INFO: Waiting for HALT command.
        INFO: PRU completed transfer.
Example executed succesfully.


Included example programs:

  • Blink: ./examples/blink/
  • Blink until button press: ./examples/blink_until_button/

###Helper libraries

I've split out some helpful assembly into macros and put them into their own files inside examples/include/.


Some random notes and code for the AM3359 PRUSS on the BeagleBone Black



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