Bootstrap of Higher Education Level Syllabus using Universal Course Design
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Stories in Ready UniversalDesignBootstrap

Open source, opinionated, course design and development using Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles.

NOTE: Currently doesn't do anything -- in development. Do not attempt to use.

Project Goals

Make Universal Design for Learning (UDL) more..., well..., universal. UDL approaches to developing courses/workshops/onboarding processes/trainings have been rapidly adopted in relevant scholarly and practitioner communities, but largely ignored by the swathes of folks engaged in doing most of the course creation. This tool will help make this more possible by:

  • Providing an easy to use course design wizard that:
    • Guides a step by step process of course creation using backwards-design principles (aims, then activities and assessments)
    • Teaches users about UDL principles as it proceeds
    • Provides numerous examples at each step of the way to assist in learning
    • Provide template/commonly used aims, activities, assessments, and policies that encourage UDL
    • Develop modular, re-usable code
  • Export designed courses into a final text editor for editing
  • Allow designed courses to be published in multiple formats: PDF, DocX, HTML, LaTeX
  • Eventually allow export of courses into course platforms like Moodle

Application Structure

  • public
    • fonts
    • images
    • javascripts
      • app
        • common
        • config
        • docGenerator
        • interface
        • wizard
          • collections
          • controllers
          • models
          • routers
          • templates
          • views config.js provides schema definition for wizard steps module.js serves as the module main for each module templates.js specifies templates present in module
      • tests
      • vendor
    • stylesheets


wizard (reusable)

Uses schemas (from backbone-forms) defined on models (in any Marionette module) to generate a multi-step wizard as configured in config.js.

Config sets up the "steps" and associated models to go through, as well as options for each step (URL to fetch template data from, whether a step should be completed once, or can create multiple models, etc.). Models should be able to have 1:1 and 1:N relationships (using backbone-association) with other models, and wizard should handle this neatly.

Should eventually be able to load completed steps and re-start a users session based on current step.

User's models are responsible for storage.

docGenerator (reusable)

Uses schema as defined in config.js to create a document in a Substance instance.


Main application interface to fill in navigation, render other modules, etc.

The Stack

Front-end Design/Templating

Handlebars + Foundation5

Front-end JS Libraries

Backbone-Forms + Backbone-Associations + JQueryUI

Front-end Foundations

RequireJS + Backbone + Backbone.Marionette + Backbone.Wreqr + Lodash + JQuery

Backend Apps/Libraries

HapiJS + Handlebars

Backend Foundations

Node.js + RethinkDB