a flask based wiki, using markdown files as backend. completely file based!
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As I wanted a wiki that just uses plain markdown files as backend, that is easy to use and that is written in python, to enable me to easily hack around, but found nothing, I just wrote this down. I hope that it might help others ,too.


  • Markdown Syntax Editing
  • Tags
  • Regex Search
  • Random URLs
  • Web Editor
  • Pages can also be edited manually, possible uses are:
    • use the cli
    • use your favorite editor
    • sync with dropbox
    • and many more


  • Re-introduce support for customizing the theme
  • Speed Improvements
    • Code Optimizations
    • Caching
  • Settings via the webinterface
  • Python2 & 3 compatibility.


You can install wiki using:

pip install wiki2

Afterwards you can create or change into your content directory and create a config.py file in it, that contains at least the following:

# encoding: <your encoding (probably utf-8)
SECRET_KEY='a unique and long key'
TITLE='Wiki' # Title Optional


Afterwards you can just run wiki web in your content directory to start the server.


If you plan on helping with the development of this project you can clone the repository, open the newly created directory in a terminal and run pip install -e ., after which both the tests and the wiki cli will be available to you.


Thank you very much to my two top contributers @walkerh and @traeblain. You two have posted so many issues and especially solved them with so many pull requests, that I sometimes lose track of it! :)